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RTL cage means “ready to lay” cage literally. RTL cage is a kind of layer hen cage that has a higher demand for comfortableness and the egg collecting system. RTL cage is mostly used in caged chicken farming. At the same time, the rtl cage is also a good choice for a cage-free chicken farm, which can manage the flooring-raised layer hen better when they are old enough to lay eggs.

H type RTL cage
A type RTL cage
A type RTL cage

sale RTL cage with low broken egg rate & high egg production

RTL chicken cage is designed for layer hen cage raising and egg production. The professional lay chicken cage can help produce high-quality baby chicks and high-quality eggs for sale purposes, which means a lot for the sustainable development of the chicken farming business.

FamTECH provides an efficient layer cage with excellent design and structure. Our RTL chicken cage can decrease the broken egg rate and increase egg production. Especially for the cage-free flooring raising system, the ready to lay chicken cage can solve the difficulty of egg collection. RTL cage can also be applied to natural breeding the hens ready to spread, which is different from other hens raised from chicks. This is a method with a faster return on investment.

FamTECH provides the qualified RTL chicken cage with a scientific structure. Customized sizes for different feeding scales are available.

In addition, we have different rtl cages for different poultry with corresponding egg collectors. FamTECH also supplies different types of egg collecting systems. They have various collecting methods and delivery methods and support multiple sizes.

A type with egg collector
A type with egg collector2
H type with egg collector
H type with egg collector
FamTECH provides professional chicken farming equipment and solutions. Our products are widely praised because of their professional design and quality materials. Feel free to contact us about your demand!

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