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Battery cage system

A battery cage is designed for raising chicken to produce eggs and meat. ​With its efficient and simple design, the battery cage has made great achievements in recent years.

Meanwhile, battery cage helps a lot to make scientific and intensive breeding possible, especially for large-scale farming, changing the traditional farming methods.

Battery cage for sale

We provide advanced battery cages for worldwide farmers. The full set of matching equipment can solve the problems you may meet while raising poultry.

The battery cage is popular because it can get maximum profit with the least input. Our battery cage is your best choice if you want to have a smarter and more automatic poultry farm.


It is designed for raising hens and attaining eggs. The benefit of a layer cage is high efficiency and high yield.

The broiler is raised for getting meat, gaining high-quality meat and high meat production is the broiler cage’s target.

The brooding cage helps a lot to raise the baby chick. Reducing the mortality rate and improving the growth quality of chicks is the major mission of brooding cages.

Breeding cage is designed for achieving the mating of rooster and hen by controlling the ratio of cocks to hens in the battery cage.

Chinese quality is worth trusting and our products are sold at home and abroad. We continue to grow with quality products and services. It’s time to contact us and start your business!

Advantage of our battery cage


The mesh density of our battery cage is appropriate for chicken feet, which can prevent many diseases. In addition, the strength and elasticity of the material are beneficial to make a better living environment for chickens, especially for the baby chick. The bottom mesh with high elasticity and high quality can create a more comfortable moving space for the chicken to improve the quality of eggs and meat. By rolling eggs smoothly, the broken egg rate is less than 1%.

The cage gate is convenient to open, and no chicken is running outside. And when the chicken is eating, they can not raise their heads and throw the feed, which can save more than 3% of the feed.

Related equipment

With the egg collector, manure cleaning belt, feed and watering system, and comprehensive living environmental control system, from baby chick to eggs on sale, we provide you with a complete production line. You can get a one-stop service by clicking your mouse right now.

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The battery cage is favored by farmers because it is highly practical. And it greatly makes up for the lack of experience of farmers. A battery cage is friendly for a fresh farmer to start his chicken farm and for an old farmer to expand the scale of the farm.

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