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Automatic nipple chicken waterer for sale

poultry watering system for efficient farming

The poultry watering system is used to feed the chicken water. For chicks, constant hydration is necessary because their body temperature is higher. Due to the limited water storage capacity of chicken stomachs, to maintain good production performance, it must rely on a continuous supply of fresh drinking water. Insufficient drinking water leads to poor digestion and absorption of feed, thick blood, rising body temperature, affecting growth and egg production, and causing dehydration in severe cases. Water intake affects the growth and development rate of chickens and affects the quality and egg production rate of chickens.


Automatic chicken waterer for sale

To continuously feed the chicks, an automatic poultry watering system is a wise choice. Age, ambient temperature, health status, and other factors can affect the water intake of chicks. So raising enough water for chicks of different ages and under different temperature conditions is necessary to ensure their healthy growth, and it is also meaningful to judge the water intake of chicks according to the intelligent drinking system, to understand their health condition of chicks.

FamTECH supplies all kinds of poultry watering systems equipped with various poultry cages. We offer different water feeding systems for different birds. Different water feeding methods are necessary depending on the number of birds and products to be raised.


Advantages of Nipple chicken waterer

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Automatic chicken waterer can be divided into various types according to the feeding method, the most common of which is the nipple chicken waterer. This type of waterer initiates the water supply through the active pecking of the chickens, which is different from the previous way of feeding where the water source is exposed to the air for a long time. This type of water supply can reduce the impact of unsuitable water levels on the growth environment and body condition of chickens.

For cage-free poultry farming, the improvement of the free movement ability of chicks will also increase the difficulty of feeding and watering. Under the premise of fully improving the initiative of the chickens to forage for food and water, the automated drinking system is undoubtedly the best choice for breeders. In the cage-free chicken farm, the nipple chicken waterer or pan waterer is set at a proper height above the slatted flooring system.

Principle of nipple chicken waterer

This waterer is named for its shape like a nipple and is mostly made of materials such as copper or stainless steel. It uses the principle of gravity and capillary action to control the water droplets so that a drop of water is often suspended on the nipple thimble to lure chickens to drink water. When the chicken is drinking water, touch the thimble, and the water will flow out. This kind of drinking water is clean and hygienic, saves drinking water, does not need to be cleaned, and saves labor. At present, it is basically popular over the world. No matter whether it is flat or caged, nipple drinkers are widely used in small chickens, medium chickens, and large chickens.

Automatic Nipple Waterer

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