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The brooding cage is designed for raising the pullet and chick whose bird age (rearing period) is from 1 week to 17 weeks old. Baby chick raising is the most important part of the chicken industry.

However, the baby chick is weak and easy to die or be ill for a variety of reasons. The survival rate of chicks directly affects the economic benefit and development of the chicken industry.



As a result, brooding equipment requires high requirements for light and temperature control, food and water intake that directly determine the mortality rate of the baby chicks.

brooding cage for sale

Considering the size of the chicks, the brooding cage gives them more room to move around while raising more chicks. In this case, the grid density is smaller than others to adapt to the baby chick’s feet. Our brood cages are finer and more densely meshed. The bottom net is densely welded together, and the plastic mat we provide can protect the pullet feet and make them more comfortable.

Our brooding cage system can be equipped with automatic feeding, drinking manure removal, and a temperature control system. It is more popular because it is just working well in the open house without a climate control system.



temeperature system..


Our brooding cage is popular over the world because of its reasonable price and excellent after-sale service. You can buy our products without any hesitation.


Each unit dimension of the brooding cage is 1950*500(350-400)mm, 3 cells per unit, with 9-10 birds per cell each cell dimension is 650*500(350-400)mm, so each bird can get 390-433cm2 at least within 17 weeks.

The mesh is generally rectangular or square, the bottom mesh is 1.25 cm while the side mesh and top mesh are 2.5 X 2.5 cm. There is a cage door in the front, and the gap of the cage door can be adjusted from 2 to 3 cm, and each cage can accommodate about 30 chicks.



Advantage of our battery brooding cage


The amount of chick’s exercise is small, more feed is saved by the pullet feed through the adjust board which can be improved inside height with the pullet growing. Compared with the floor raising system, the padding cost for the flooring system is deducted, which dramatically reduces birds’ disability.

We use high-quality hot-dip galvanized material and scientific design to help keep the chickens away from diseases and improve their immunity. This greatly reduces the mortality of chicks and the cost of breeding.



Taking into account the growth characteristics of the chick, our brooding cage adopts advanced technology and creativity. We have a lot of design patents that make us different from other products. To make chicken breeding easier, we provide a more suitable feeding and watering system for chicks.

The feeding trough is equipped with an adjusting plate, which can effectively meet the feeding requirements of chicks in different growth stages. With enough feeding and scientific feeding way, chick can be a good health status.

The pressure regulator can be adjusted to a certain amount of water pressure, the water supply is uniform, to ensure adequate water supply for chicks.

Temperature control equipment

We provide a full range of equipment, among which temperature control equipment is the most necessary when breeding baby chicks. The automatic temperature control equipment we supplied is a completely computer-controlled system. Temperature-controlled systems are free of time and place that make year-round farming possible.

At the same time, the farming lighting system is various for chicks in a different growth stages and can influence the temperature in the cage.


0-3days 30-50 LUX 22 HOURS OR INTERMITTENT PROGARM 32-33 ℃ 33-35 ℃
4-7days 30-50 LUX 21 HOURS OR INTERMITTENT PROGARM 30-32 ℃ 31-33 ℃
8-14days 25 LUX 20 HOURS 28-30 ℃ 29-31 ℃
15-21days 25 LUX 19 HOURS 26-28 ℃ 27-29 ℃
22-28days 25 LUX 18 HOURS 23-26 ℃ 24-27 ℃
29-35days 5-15 LUX 17 HOURS 21-23 ℃ 22-24 ℃
36-42days 5-15 LUX 16 HOURS 21 ℃ 21 ℃

Suitable for many varieties of birds

Our brood cages are of high quality can meet the growth requirements of different breeds and provide a suitable environment for many breeds of baby chicks.

Whatever breed of chick you raise, you can buy the cage you want from us.

The brooding cage we provide is friendly to small and medium-scale farming whether in the open house or not. The low location restriction gives farmers more freedom about where is suitable to build brooding farming.


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