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Quails are small birds that usually live in warmer places. Quails are bred for their eggs, which are rich in nutrients and yield. Now quail breeding technology is very mature, and raising quails in the cage has become the best choice for most farmers.

Quail meat is also popular because of its high nutritional value and low-fat content.

Quail has the advantages of fast growth, early maturity, more eggs, less material consumption, a short production cycle, and so on.


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Considering the growth patterns and conditions of quail, we provide the best quality quail cages, making quail breeding more economical and convenient.

Our quail cages include egg quail cages, breeding quail cages, brood quail cages, and meat quail cages. In addition, we provide a complete set of equipment to realize scientific and automatic quail breeding.

Besides, a quail cage can help the farmer to keep an eye on quails’ growing condition and solve problems in time. ​Our quail breeding cage is easy to install because of its standardized structure. You can assemble the cages by yourself.


The cage bottom is made of galvanized welded mesh, mesh size is 12*25mm, metal wire (wire) diameter is 2.2mm. And there is a slanting plate for egg-laying quail in the cage bottom that helps quail eggs to roll down smoothly. The entire front can be easily opened by small doors.


We offer the most advanced professional quail egg collector, which frees farmers from heavy work and also makes it possible to raise quail on a larger scale.

The quail egg collector has a similar working principle to the egg collector.

Advantage of our Quail Breeding cage

1  The quail cage produced by our company is welded with Q235 steel, so the mesh is smooth and even and the whole structure is firm. Reasonable mesh density helps to protect the legs and wings of quail from hurting, which reduces unnecessary economic loss and waste.

2  Given the special growing demands of quails, the ventilation system on hot days and heating system on cold days are necessary. With these temperature control systems, farmers all over the world can start a quail breeding business.

3  We provide an automatic manure cleaning machine to keep the cage clean and reduce the rate of illness.

4  For quail brooding cage, we provide complete disinfection facilities to give a suitable environment for baby quails.

5  As for the quail breeding management, quail needs to be raised in stages, so the use of quail breeding cage can help to achieve the classification of quail breeding that is easy to transfer, load, and install.


Generally speaking, the working principle and structure of quail cages and chicken cages are very similar. Based on the modern market, raising poultry in cages is the major trend and development direction of the modern breeding industry.

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What makes quail cages different from ordinary breeding cages?

Quail cages and general breeding cages have obvious differences in design and function. The quail cage is smaller in size, compact in design and multi-layer structure, which is to be more adaptable to the small size of quail; the bottom mesh of the quail cage is small and inclined, which is convenient for egg collection and at the same time can effectively prevent foot injury. In addition, the feeding and drinking system of quail cage system is set on the outside, which is convenient for unified management and cleaning. General breeding cages have different sizes and structural designs according to the needs of different animals, e.g. chicken cages are larger and suitable for chicken size and activities; rabbit cages have more space for jumping and non-slip bottom boards; and pigeon cages have more perching poles and space for flying. Various types of cages also differ in their feeding and drinking systems, with chicken cages having larger feeding troughs, rabbit cages having hanging waterers, and pigeon cages having separate small food trays and water troughs. For cleaning, quail cages have a bottom structure for easy cleaning, while other breeding cages have different designs for feces collection and cleaning. Ventilation is also an important consideration in cage design. Both quail cages and other cages need to ensure good air circulation to maintain environmental hygiene and animal health. Overall, different cages are specifically optimized for the size, habits and needs of each type of animal.

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