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H type layer cage for sale

H type layer chicken cage with high capacity

The H-type layer chicken cage is named for its shape. H-type layer chicken cage consists of 3-tiers, 4-tiers, 5-tiers, 6-tiers, 7-tiers, 8-tiers, whose every layer consists of a single cage of the same size.

H type layer chicken cage is designed to further improve the utilization rate of limited land. With the shortage of land resources and the rise of land prices, it is necessary to realize intensive farming, especially in the poultry raising field.

chicken cage H-TYPE-RIGHT-SIDE

The poultry industry continues to increase its profit by increasing the volume of poultry. In this context, the A-type layer cage and H-type layer cage came into being. Comparatively speaking, H type layer cage can hold more birds than A-type. ​

H type Battery cage for sale

H type battery cage can be used as layer cage, broiler cage, breeding cage, brooding cage, and other poultry cages.

Equipped with a fully intelligent poultry farming machine, the H-type layer chicken cage is the best choice for modern large-scale farming. At the same time, for small or medium-scale house farming, H type battery cage can help to save land resources to the greatest extent.

The H-type layer cage we sell is easy to install and maintain that has over 20 years of service life. The long service life can guarantee ongoing income and recovery costs as soon as possible. So if you want to begin your poultry farming business, H- type layer chicken cage is your best investment.​
front side of H type battery cage
front side of H type battery cage
detail of H type battery cage

Advantage of H Type layer chicken cage


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