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large egg incubator

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“We have a professional team that continues to innovate incubator technology and lead the industry. We are oriented to large-scale farms and provide the best incubation solutions.”

Large incubator with high hatching rate

Egg incubator is one of the important equipments in modern chicken rearing equipment, the whole set of incubation equipment includes incubator, chick emergence machine and other supporting devices.

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large incubator for sale

There are many types of large egg incubator, of course, the degree of activation and capacity of different sizes, but its structural principle is the same, the important by the body, active temperature control device, active humidity control device, active egg turning device and air ventilation devices and other components. To box type large egg incubator (also known as electric incubator) use more, this type of large egg incubator according to its capacity can be divided into large, medium and small 3 kinds of specifications, its capacity is 50,000 ~ 100,000 or more, 10,000 ~ 50,000, 10,000 or less, in the small and medium-sized incubator, incubation and chick two parts are installed in the same body. In small and medium-sized incubators, the two parts of hatching and chicks are installed in the same body.


High-precision & automated large egg incubator

Incubation Environment RequirementsOur Large Egg Incubator Features
TemperatureHigh-precision temperature control device for real-time monitoring and adjustment of temperature inside the chamber
HumidityAdvanced humidification and ventilation devices to keep the internal humidity within a stable range
LightingAppropriate light intensity and duration to promote egg growth while improving growth quality
Oxygen contentStable 19%-21% oxygen content to effectively promote healthy embryo development
Turning frequencyDifferent turning modes according to the different incubation stages of the egg

large capacity egg incubator

The greater the large-scale incubation demand, the more automatic and scientific large egg incubator is needed. Our incubation equipment has achieved fully automated control. Whether it is hatching eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs, quail eggs or others, there are corresponding modes to achieve the most scientific incubation and achieve the highest survival and hatching rates.
We provide large capacity egg incubators for large farms, including front-end lighting equipment and rear-end hatching equipment. For different types of eggs, our incubators also have different specifications to meet the corresponding requirements.


Capacity(Pcs per set)
No.ScaleChicken eggDuck eggGoose eggsPigeon eggQuail eggElectric heating power(W)
1Small Scale886332112221700
32641 8996336663700
912328824481 56830941000
13Medium Scale21121512768268853041600
1731 6822581152403279561600
63364536230480641 59122000
24Large Scale98567056358412544247523200
26147841 058453761 8816371284800
271 689612095614421504424326400
28197121411271 8625088495046400
AGICO large egg incubator specifications
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Internal structure of our large egg incubator


Control panel

The control panel is one of the most crucial parts of the large egg incubator, which can control the whole incubation process by setting parameters such as temperature, humidity, egg rotation and so on. Generally, the control panel will be set with LED display, which is easy for users to observe and operate. At the same time, the control panel will also be installed with an alarm device, which can issue an alarm and stop heating in time when there is an abnormal situation to protect the hatching eggs.


Incubation box is the main part of the incubator, is the carrier of the whole incubation process. Most of the hatching boxes are made of high-strength plastic on the outside, while the inner part is usually stainless steel pots or plastic trays for placing the eggs.

Heating device

The heating device is one of the core of our large egg incubator, which can provide the appropriate temperature through the heating lamp or heat pipe, etc., so that the eggs can hatch and survive in the incubator. Generally speaking, the temperature of the chicken eggs should be controlled between 37.5℃ and 38℃ to keep relatively stable.

Humidity device

The humidity device is another important incubator component that can regulate the humidity by spraying, jellyfish or sponges to ensure a humid environment for the eggs during incubation. Too low or too high humidity will adversely affect the hatching eggs, so humidity control is very important.

Ventilation device

Ventilation device can control the oxygen content and carbon dioxide concentration in the incubator to ensure the normal growth of hatching eggs. Generally, the ventilation device uses a small motor-powered fan or air pump and other structures to provide oxygen for the eggs and discharge carbon dioxide.

Egg turning device

Under the condition of suitable temperature and humidity, the egg turning device will start to operate. Generally speaking, the time, speed and angle of egg turning can be set. Depending on the number of eggs in the incubator, it is important to set a reasonable egg turning pattern.

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Large egg incubators for a wide range of applications


Our large egg incubators can be applied to a wide range of poultry species, such as eggs, goose eggs, duck eggs, quail eggs, bird eggs and so on. For large poultry farms, especially those with rich breeding birds, our egg incubators have various models to serve different hatching needs. Generally speaking, the incubation period of birds is about one month, our large egg incubators can minimize the interference of external climate and environment, and improve the best assistance for your breeding!

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