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Chick cages and pullet cages are applied to raise the newborn chick. The chick means a chick is a chicken of either sex that is still young enough in a broad sense while a pullet means a young hen that hasn’t yet reached the laying period. 

Chick cages and pullet cages have a similar structure. When the chicks are hatched, they are classified for a different function. Then chick cages and pullet cages come in handy. Generally speaking, as a kind of chick cage, the pullet cage is designed for raising hens and then getting meat and eggs, including fertilized and unfertilized eggs.

Baby chick cage For sale

FAMTECH provides you with a comprehensive broiler and layer production line from breeding baby chicks to egg and meat products. We have rich experience in export transportation and a lot of successful cases in many countries. Compared with flat raising, the feeding amount of chicks per unit area has increased by 75% – 100%.

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Generally, the baby chicken cage is smaller than other cages, but leaving enough growing and moving space is still important. The chick cage generally consists of a cage frame, a cage body, a feeding trough, a water tank, and a manure cleaning belt to reduce disease infection. The baby chicken cages can be equipped with automatic feeding equipment, an automatic watering system, and an automatic manure cleaning system to realize the specialization and automation of equipment. The food troughs and water troughs are arranged outside the fences, and the distance between the fences can be between 20-35mm. There is a 10cm space between the upper and lower cages to put in the manure bearing board, the manure bearing board can be moved, and the manure should be replaced every day or every other day. In addition, a scientific temperature controlling system is necessary because of the low immunity of baby chicks. FAMTECH supplies related equipment besides single cage, which can help farmers to raise a healthy baby chick easier and more efficiently.

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