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hOT-SALE Automatic Layer HEN CAGE

commerical hen cage for large farm

A hen cage is designed for hen raising, which can also be called a layer cage. In general, a hen cage is used for chicken eggs production with the professional egg collector system. In addition, when hens reach a certain stage, they are also sold as broilers. Therefore, the design of a commercial hen cage tends to improve the quality and yield of eggs.


2 types of layer hen cage for sale

Famtech supplies automatic layer hen cages for scaled hen raising. Compared with other poultry farming, hen farming is more common and has a faster economic return, because the egg market is vast and the demand is large. In addition, hens can hatch unfertilized eggs for sale or fertilized eggs for brooding to achieve sustainable development of the farm. We apply the patented design to build a more suitable living environment for the poultry, which is easy to install and maintain.

A type hen cage
H type hen cage

We offer different sizes of hen cages

According to the size of your breeding site, the number of feeding, and the equipment you need, we provide you with a personalized solution. For example, if you want a set of hen cages without the egg collecting machine, we will recommend the corresponding system suitable for your farm. And if you want a set of hen cages with automatic feeding and watering system, chicken cages with fewer layers are more recommended for more stable running.

A-type hen cage system

HEN Cage specification-
A-type hen cage system
3-tiers hen cage specification172*230*150cm
4-tiers hen cage specification172*265*170cm
Single cage specifications43*41*41cm
Number of cages per layer8
Number of layer chickens per cage4 (Weight below 2.5kg)
The capacity of 3-tiers hen cage96
The capacity of 4-tiers hen cage128
Single cage weight45.0kg
cage frame weight13.0kg
Feed trough weight25.0kg/3 pieces
Waterline weight6.0kg/3  pieces
A-type hen cage systemwithout egg collectorwith automatic feeding machine
3-tiers hen cage specification195*230*150cm215*230*150cm
4-tiers hen cage specification195*265*170cm215*265*170cm
Single cage specifications39*38*38cm43*41*41cm
Number of cages per layer68
Number of layer chickens per cage5 (Weight below 2.5kg)5 (Weight below 2.5kg)
The capacity of a 3-tiers hen cage90120
The capacity of a 4-tiers hen cage120160
Single cage weight60.0kg50.0kg(3 tiers)
cage frame weight20.0kg18.0kg
Feed trough weight33.0kg/3 pieces30.0kg/3 pieces
Waterline weight8.0kg/3  pieces8.0kg/3  pieces

H-type hen cage system

Economical H-type hen cage system
3-tiers hen cage specification220*260*195cm
4-tiers hen cage specification280*325*195cm
Single cage specifications45*41*50cm
Number of cages per layer8
Number of layer chickens per cage5 (Weight below 2.5kg)
The capacity of 3-tiers hen cage120
The capacity of 4-tiers hen cage160
Scaled H-type hen cage system
3-tiers hen cage specification220*265*218cm
4-tiers hen cage specification285*330*218cm
Single cage specifications65*50*62.5cm
Number of cages per layer(3-tiers)6
Number of cages per layer(4-tiers)8
Number of layer chickens per cage9 (Weight below 2.5kg)
Capacity of 3-tiers hen cage162
Capacity of 4-tiers hen cage288

Advantage of our automatic layer hen cage

Easy to manage and control. Our hen cage is convenient to observe the healthy condition of the chicken, especially the baby chicks. Timely management and adjustment can effectively reduce chicken mortality.

Automatic design can help release the pressure of labor, which can also save breeding costs and improve farming efficiency. Saving Labor has important implications for the reduction of total expenditures in the poultry farming industry.

FamTECH’s hen layer cage makes egg collecting easy. Efficient collection, sorting, and packaging of eggs can improve the output rate while ensuring the normal operation of the farm, which is more meaningful for large-scale poultry farms.


FamTECH has various related equipment whatever you need, including a feeding & watering line system, environment control system, and automatic manure removal machine. Feel free to contact us now!

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