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automatic egg collector for commercial farm

Egg collector is indispensable accessory equipment of layer cage. Automatic egg collection is the key to realizing the automation of the whole egg production line.

The full egg collection line consists of the egg rolling groove,egg conveyor belt,lift gear,the bridge device, and the brush wheel.

Generally speaking, the main task of egg collectors is to improve egg collecting efficiency while minimizing the rate of broken eggs.

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egg collecting machine for sale

The egg collecting belt is made of molecular advanced materials, which are antibacterial, antistatic, and have great friction. While transporting the eggs, this belt can prevent the eggs from crashing and breaking. Equipped with the bridge crossing device, egg collecting is highly effective.

Generally speaking, egg collectors can be used to collect thefertilized eggs that can hatch chicks and unfertilized eggs for sale directly. We offer different end devices for these two types of eggs.

FAMTECH provides horizontal and vertical egg collectors to meet different needs. The vertical egg collector is more automatic than the other while the horizontal egg collector has a more simple structure that is suitable for small-scale layer farming.

What consists of an egg collecting machine?


The lift gear machine we provide has a simple structure and is easy to install and maintain.With the chain and C-type catch claw, our machine can work stably. Therefore, you can control the delivery direction of the eggs to make the egg packing easier.

Besides, we also provide a cleaning brush to remove the dust and feed on the belt. Meanwhile, We provide scientifically designed baffles to make egg collection more orderly and organized.



The central egg collection line can be used up and down, left and right turn structure, and can be set between multiple chicken houses. At the same time, the outdoor part of the installation has a protective cover, which ensures the eggs can be transported safely to the egg bank.

candling system.

Nowadays, modern chicken farms use automatic candling technology machines to observe the inside of the eggs to judge their quality.  If any internal defects are noticed, the eggs are removed and sent down a separate lane away from the first quality eggs. Quality control can find the microcrack that might not be visible to the human eye.

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