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A type layer cage for sale

A type layer cage for small & medium scale farming

A type layer cage is named for its shape. The cage is getting smaller from bottom to top. A type layer cage is the primary form of farming chicken in the cage. A type layer cage can hold more chickens per square than free-range chicken raising.

Comparatively, the A-type layer cage has a smaller capacity than H -type. So A type is more suitable for small-scale farming. A Layer egg chicken cages have various types according to the size of the cage and the number of tiers to meet different needs, such as 3-tiers、4-tiers、5-tiers、6-tiers, and so on. 


Generally speaking, A type layer cage is popular for small and medium farms whose amount of breeding is less than 50000. But, the A-type layer cage has better ventilation and temperature conditions because of its structure. And it is convenient to manage. 


In A type layer cage, the cage spacing is increasing from top to bottom. It means that A type layer cage only needs one manure to convey the belt at the bottom. Because no matter how many layers it has, it ensures that manure from each layer will fall to the bottom. It’s more convenient and cost-saving than the H-type chicken coop, which requires manure conveyor belts on each layer.

A type chicken cage for sale

We provide A type layer cage for you.  Our products have been tested by the market for a long time. Every part has strict quality control. 

Hotdip galvanized material is durable and has a long service life. High-temperature welding makes it strong and able to carry more weight. High-quality matching equipment makes it more intelligent and automatic than traditional chicken raising. 

We provide 3-8 tiers chicken cages. The 3 tiers, 4tiers, and 5tiers are more popular than others. For practical purposes, we support customization except for the standardized size layer cage.

front side of A type layer cage
left side of A type layer cage
detail of A type layer cage

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