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Chicken cage is designed to raise different kinds of chickens, like layer chicken, broiler chicken, brooding cage, breeding cage. And also can be used to raise chicken at different stages of growth, including baby chick, pullet, hen, and the hen that is ready to lay.

So chicken cage contains many different types. We provide various kinds of the cage to build your chicken farm. Whatever type of cage you need, you can find it from us. It is time to send your inquiry to us and get some useful information. 


In all farming industries, chicken farming is most popular all over the world because it is steadily profitable. So chicken cage design and production techniques are improving day by day. High-tech chicken cage is an unstoppable trend.

Chicken Cage for sale

Pullet & Chick Cage

Pullet cage and chick cage are two different type of brooding cage that designed for raising baby bird of different type. This special chicken cage can adapt to the size and living habits and growth characteristics of the baby bird.

A pullet means a young hen that hasn’t yet reached the laying period. Usually, a pullet needs to grow about 3 months after breaking out of the eggshell, so it is necessary to take the pullet’s growth speed and volume into consideration.

A chick is a chicken of either sex that is still young enough.


Hen & RTL Cage

Hen cage and RTL cage are designed to raise hens in different growth stages. They can provide the most suitable living environment for hens to produce eggs more efficient and high quality.

A hen is a sexually mature female chicken. generally, a hen cage is more for egg products. RTL means a hen that is “ready to lay” .


Advantage of our chicken cage

1  Low cost and high revenue. We provide high-quality products at and reasonable price.

2  A rich variety of choices. We provide cages of different sizes and structures for different types of chickens at different growth stages. So there are a lot of choices for you.

3  Healthy and clean. With the help of the chicken cage and the plastic mat at the bottom of the cage, chickens can stay off the ground. This can effectively prevent injury and infection of chicken feet and improve the quality of chicken meat and eggs.

4  High tech chicken cages can make chicken farming easy. It is possible that one person can manage a chicken farm, which helps to reduce spending.

5  We have many patents and international qualifications.

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