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commercial rabbit cages

According to the biological characteristics of rabbits, rabbit breeding is harder than other breeds. Rabbits have fragile intestines and respiratory tracts. In order to achieve scientific breeding and meet the needs of animal protection, the design of rabbit cages has been developing in recent years. Commercial rabbit cages we provided are applied for scaled rabbit raising. For different breeds and sizes, we supply customized rabbit cages.


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A suitable rabbit cage, not only can help rabbits grow healthy but also can save the cost of feed and labor. A full set of rabbit cages is made of the cage body and other accessory equipment.

 According to different demands, FAMTECH provides single-layer rabbit cages, multi-layer rabbit cages, and overlapping rabbit cages, which can be used as meat rabbit cages, rabbit breeding cages, and so on.

commercial rabbit cages

Structure & composition of our rabbit breeding cages

The rabbit breeding cage body is composed of the cage door, cage bottom (step net, pedal, bottom plate), side net (both sides), rear window, cage top (top net), and manure removal board. In actuality, for better ventilation, 2-3tiers commercial rabbit cages are more popular. In pursuit of breeding efficiency and meat rabbit growth, automatic commercial rabbit cages are gradually gaining popularity in the rabbit breeding market.

The cage door is a key part of the rabbit breeding cages. Most rabbit breeding cages use the front door, and some use the upper door and the front upper door. Generally, it is a rotating shaft type, which can be opened left and right or up and down, and some are push-pull type, which can be opened left and right. There are single doors and double doors. Larger rabbit cages (large breeding rabbit cages, small group meat rabbit cages, etc.) mostly use double doors. General accessory equipment is arranged on the cage door, such as straw racks, food boxes, and drinking fountains.

The cage net is also of importance because the meat rabbit can touch the bottom net directly. The cage mesh gap should be about 1.2cm, while 1.0-1.1cm for young rabbits.

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