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A duck cage is designed for egg and meat duck raising. Duck meat and eggs are different from chicken and have a high nutritious benefits too. Caged breeding duck is an economical choice to raise ducks efficiently on a large scale. Owing to its good market prospects, the duck farming business has developed rapidly in recent years. Generally speaking, a duck cage is similar to a chicken cage. Some scaled poultry farms may raise chicken and duck at the same time in different zones.


Duckling Cage for baby duck

Duckling means baby duck, which is small and weak. Their digestive function is not fully developed and their digestive ability is poor, so it is difficult to feed and water them. Their feed intake and storage are limited each time. However, the duckling, especially meat duckling, grows rapidly and needs sufficient nutritious and digestible feed. At the same time, A constant supply of water is also necessary. Ducklings are more sensitive to hunger and thirst, so feed less and more frequently, and drinking water is constant all day long.

Therefore, raising ducklings requires more meticulous care, more time, and more energy. Automated equipment is necessary for large-scale duckling farms. FamTECH provides professional duckling cages and other related equipment.

Professional Duck cage for sale


FamTECH provides automatic meat duck cages, egg duck cages, and duckling cages.  Considering the character of the duck, we support customization according to the breed and growth speed of ducks. At the same time, our professional team will provide you with the best farming solutions.

As a comprehensive manufacturer, FamTECH supplies advanced accessory equipment to help your business easier, such as automatic feeding and drinking machine, one-button temperature control system, smart egg collector and manure removal systems, etc. In the case of market development and fierce market competition, the poultry time to market is shrinking, and ducks are no exception. Automatic breeding is a tendency. Raising more ducks with less labor and time is possible and necessary. It only takes 2-3 people to raise 5000 chickens.

Meanwhile, FamTECH also provides related equipment for the cage-free duck farm including the slatted flooring system.

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