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Scientific feeding means a lot for poultry farming. What to feed? How to feed? When to feed? How much to feed? The answers to these questions can help you start your chicken farming business, especially for beginners. The theory and technology about poultry farming have been enriched and developed in recent years. Without a doubt, automatic feeding is an inevitable tendency, especially for large-scale poultry farms. Auto poultry feeders are more and more popular around the world.


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For different types of chicken cages, Famtech provides different feeding systems. Designed for caged chicken, our automatic chicken feeder is easy to install and operate and is friendly to the fresher. For medium-scale and large-scale chicken farming, a semi or fully automatic chicken feeder is a cost-saving and labor-saving choice and can also save management time. Controlled by a computer, one-click can make regular feeding possible.

Linked to the feed silo, the electricity-powered automatic feeder can obtain the feed mixed in a certain proportion. Then a set amount of feed is delivered to the trough while moving.


Of course, different breeds of poultry have their applicable feeding method and regular pattern. Famtech provides a full set of chicken farming equipment besides cages. Regular feeding can control the growing speed of chicks. With the growth of baby chicks, more feed is needed.  Especially for the layer chicken, after spawning and during egg formation, adequate nutrient intake is necessary. As for what to feed, it depends on the breed and function of the chicken.


For A type chicken cage, the automatic feeder is like a ladder to adapt the difference between every tier. A-type layer cage is simpler than A-type because of its shape. Worth mentioning, Famtech supplies the single side H-type chicken cage, which is a kind of H-type chicken cage with a simpler structure. A pair of single-side H-type chicken cages can share a set of the feeder.

Structure & composition of our poultry feeders

A full set of auto chicken feeders is made of feed trough, feeder, and feed silo.

feede of Single-side--H-type-cage
feed trough

FAMTECH offers feed troughs made of durable PVC, which can reduce the waste while the chicken is eating. The trough is fixed under the side of the chicken cage and adapts to the chick’s eating habits. The shape of the feed trough is easy to add feed and can efficiently avoid leaving food residues.

feeder body

The feeder body is made of hot-dip galvanized, which is preservative and has a long service of 15-20 years. Using imported electronic SCR material, the amount of feed for each layer can be controlled, the feed material is evenly cut, and the operation is stable. By controlling the moving speed of the feeder, the automatic chicken feeder can add the standard amount of feed to the feed troughs. The feeder body is linked to the feed silo by the feeding pipe.

feed silo

The feed silo is made of galvanized material. Many different sizes and capacities are available, depending on your farming scale. Most feed silos are circular, and the lower part is conical or conical. The top of the tower is provided with a feeding port, and the bottom is provided with a rectangular discharge trough linked to the feeding pipes. The feed silo is equipped with an outside ladder to make it easy to check in time.

Advantage of Famtech automatic chicken feeder


"Points about poultry feeding"

  • It is necessary to ensure that the feeding system is clean and tidy and disinfected in time, which can avoid many diseases.

  • As for different breeds of poultry, different poultry feeders are necessary. Because of their different dietary habits and nutritional needs, It is not recommended to share a set of feed equipment for multiple birds.

  • Do not blindly pursue the growth rate of birds, overfeeding is unwise. So regular feeding system is recommended. In this process, less labor means less possibility of bacterial infection.

  • Just as important as feeding, timely watering can’t be ignored. Especially for large-scale poultry farming, an adequate water supply is necessary.


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