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poultry manure belt to building a cleaner farm

Among all chicken farm equipment, the poultry manure belt system means a lot, because the disposal of manure has been a major challenge for the animal farming industry worldwide. On the one hand, the disposal of manure is a daily tedious work that needs to consume a lot of manpower and time. On the other hand, if not removed in time, the hazardous substances volatilized from feces may bring harm to an animal that is long-term exposure to harsh environments. In the poultry farming industry, regular and efficient manure removal is significant for scientific raising. 

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Automatic poultry manure belt system for sale

As one of the most important parts of chicken farm equipment, the poultry manure belt system is also supplied by FAMTECH, which can be linked to our cage system perfectly. An automatic poultry manure belt system can be controlled by computer clink and process the dropped manure periodically. 


Principles & Components of our poultry manure belt system

A full set of poultry manure belt system consists of the cleaning process and drying process. There is a poultry manure belt under the cage that can deliver the manure dropped from the cage to the lateral conveyor belt. At the end of poultry manure belts, there is a lateral conveyor belt leading to the outside processing point. It is worth noting that there is one poultry manure conveyor belt in the A-type layer cage while there is one belt in every tier in H type layer cage.

After being delivered to the processing point, the manure will be dried for hours, then it is easier to store and reuse. Typically, this system uses high temperatures for sterilization and dehydration.


Famtech also supplies full sets of chicken manure cleaner and chicken manure dryer, which can reduce the volatilization of harmful gases such as ammonia in the farm, and help create an environment suitable for human work and poultry growth. For poultry of other breeds, we also provide the matching poultry manure belt. The poultry manure conveyor belts are made of high friction PVC material with high transmission efficiency.

Besides, Famtech provides various chicken farm equipment, including egg collectors, feeding and watering system, environment temperature control systems, etc. Suitable chicken farm equipment can help with some specific problems.

Advantage of Famtech poultry manure belt system

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Points about poultry manure belt system for smart farming

Generally speaking, the professional collecting and disposal machine is recommended especially for scaled poultry farming. And for poultry waste, timely and effective sterilization is necessary. As for secondary utilization, it is also necessary to uphold the principle of economical and feasible. In addition, Famtech provides advanced pellet machines and other processing machines to realize poultry waste management with less effort.

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