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cage-free poultry flooring system by low budget

With the improvement of animal rights protection laws and food management requirements, some countries are restricted or even banned raising chickens in cages, so the cage-free chicken farm is popular. The poultry flooring raising system is an organic chicken raising method, which is welcomed by the market. Without the cage, the chicken can grow up in a more healthy and comfortable environment.

chicken flooring

At the same time, cage-free eggs and meat have become a new healthy eating pursuit in recent years. So flat raising is more and more common. Compared with caged poultry raising, the poultry flooring raising has a lower budget and investment requirement on the cage. But the stocking density of the flooring raising system is also lower, which is the key to chicken living condition improvement.

poultry flooring

Generally speaking, the poultry flooring raising system is more suitable for broiler raising because the chickens can have enough activity space and grow stronger. For layer hen farming, to produce more cage-free eggs with high quality, a professional egg collecting system is necessary.

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The scaled cage-free chicken farm is harder to manage than the caged farming because of its dispersion, so a full set of feeding and drinking system, environment control systems, and other related equipment can help a lot to run and manage the farm.

For handling the waste feces, FamTECH supplies the plastic poultry flooring to prevent the chicken feet away from infection. At the same time, the plastic poultry flooring can deal with harmful gases produced by feces in time. Of course, some farms can also choose to raise the chicken on the ground directly.

In addition, FamTECH provides the broiler pan feeding system, nipple drinking system, cooling pad system, ventilation system, environment controller, diesel fuel heater, etc.

Advantages of our poultry flooring raising system

A full set of automatic poultry flooring raising systems is the best choice for the scaled farm owners whose countries are banned to raise poultry in cages.


This relatively free growth method is conducive to the improvement of egg production and fertilization rate, which is beneficial to long-term development.


The advantage of poultry flooring raising is that there is a less one-time investment, which is convenient for observing the condition of chickens in a large area, and the chickens have more activities and solid bones, which can improve the quality of eggs and meat.


cage free chicken house equipment

automatic feeding system for cage free chicken house

The automatic chicken feeder and waterer can make large-scale flat chicken farming possible. The poultry pan feeder and nipple drinking system we supply can feed your chickens in time. The chicken feeder and waterer are designed to feed chicken regularly and water chicken at any time, which are installed above the slatted floor according to the height of the chicken. Given the size of your farm and the number of chickens, the interval distance and size of the chicken feeder and waterer are different. For the pan feeding system for the broiler, we provide the feeding pan, delivery pipe, vice hopper, and other accessories you may need. For the nipple drinking system, we provide the main inlet pipe, regulator, lifting winch, and other accessories.

nipple waterer
Chicken Feeder And Waterer

Environment control system for cage free chicken house

Whether it is caged or flat, considering the physiological characteristics of chickens, adequate ventilation and suitable temperature conditions are necessary. Although the breeding density of flat rearing is relatively low, due to the irregular aggregation of chickens, timely ventilation and stable temperature mean a lot for the chickens’ growing environment.

Besides, lighting plays a major role in flock behavior. Too much light can lead to aggression and stress in the flock. Generally, light levels should be uniform throughout the house. FamTECH supplies an automatic lighting system to adjust the brightness and temperature of the chicken farm.

ventilation fan
poultry flooring ventilation fan

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