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Breeding cage is designed to facilitate the mating of chickens to produce more fertilized eggs, which can hatch the next generation of chicks. Improving the quality and efficiency of chicken mating is the target of the breeding cage. If you want to achieve the chicken farm’s sustainable development and sustainable profit, breeding cages that can provide more fresh chicken is necessary. Compared with other cages, breeding cages are more spacious and high. The large size can ensure the rooster and hen have more activity.

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As a comprehensive and advanced poultry cage supplier, FAMTECH provides various chicken breeding cages to meet your demands. Nowadays, chicken farms of all kinds of scale tend to use cages to raise breeders that can make full use of the area of the chicken farm and increase the breeding capacity.

Generally, a breeding cage contains 24 hens and 2 to 3 roosters, mixed male and female. With the development of artificial breeding, the ratio of male to female can be expanded from 1: 10-15 in normal raising to 1: 35-40. Moreover, H type breeding cage is more common and popular. Structurally, breeding cages and laying hen cages are roughly similar.

In addition, we provide other poultry breeding cages, such as pigeon breeding cages, rabbit breeding cages, quail breeding cages, and so on. Different breeds need different breeding cages because of their special characteristic.

Advantages of Famtech chicken breeding cages

  1. Adopting the high-quality material, our breeding cages are strong and stable. Considering the size of breeding cages, we pay more attention to the design of the structure of the breeding cage. The cage net is made of stronger material, while the bottom net is more smooth with the plastic mat. Our breeding cage has a high bearing capacity and can help to decrease the egg breakage rate and chicken casualty rate.
  2. The cost of raising chickens can be more fully utilized, the mortality rate of roosters and hens is lower, and can provide eggs with a high fertilization rate at any time according to the needs of breeding. This breeding method can greatly reduce the breeding of roosters, make full use of excellent roosters with high breeding value.
  3. The production conditions are good, the management is convenient, the eggs are relatively clean, the eggs are less likely to be contaminated, and the damage to the eggs is also low. With the matching egg collecting machine, the eggs can be protected greatly and collected regularly, which is much better than free-range breeding. 
  4. Support customization: according to the number of chickens and the farming scale, different sizes of the breeding cages are needed. Personalized customization can meet the demand of farmers all over the world. We provide 3-8 tiers chicken breeding cages, among which the 3-4 tiers breeding cages is more popular.
  5. With the help of artificial insemination technology that can be mastered after 1 week of training, less labor cost is possible. Insemination is performed every 5-7 days, otherwise, the fertilization rate of the eggs will be affected. The artificial insemination technology of chickens has been experienced at home and abroad, and its advanced nature and obvious superiority have been confirmed.

Related equipment for chicken breeding cage

manure cleaner
egg collector
chicken waterer
feeding tower..
feeding silo
candling system.
egg incubator

An automatic egg collector can collect the eggs regularly, which works stably and quietly. An efficient and steady egg collecting system can prevent the eggs from breaking and decrease the cost of labor with the computer controlling system. FAMTECH supplies the full set of egg collectors. It makes the fertilized eggs collected timely and helps increase the hatching rate.

The egg incubator is a kind of egg hatching equipment. With the automatic temperature and humidity sensor and scientific circulation ventilation system, hatching in batches efficiently is possible.

To distinguish the fertilized with unfertilized eggs, a professional egg candler is necessary, which can also pick out poor-quality fertilized eggs.

In addition, to make a better mating and hatching condition, the feeding and watering system, ventilation and lighting system, and manure removal system are indispensable. 

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