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A poultry cage is designed for raising poultry more efficiently. Poultry cage has changed traditional free-range poultry farming, making poultry farming easier and smarter. FAMTECH provide all kinds of chicken cage including layer cage, broiler cage, brooding cage, and breeding cage. Besides, we also provide other poultry cages, such as quail cage, pigeon cage, duck cage, and rabbit cage.


The Reasons Why You Should Buy poultry farming equipment From FAMTECH

hot-sale poultry cage

Suitable for different breeds and growth stages of birds

Two types of cage

According to the different shapes, poultry cages can be divided into A type and H type, both of which can meet the needs of different breeds and different scales of poultry farming. A type and H type also have different advantages in practical applications.

Matching Equipment

At the same time, FAMTECH provides the related equipment. Firstly, we supply the automatic feeding and watering system that is controlled by a computer. And to create a better living environment for the poultry, we provide the manure removal machine to keep the farm clean and the temperature control system to keep the poultry comfortable and healthy. Besides, for the layer cage, FAMTECH provides an egg collector to make egg collecting automatic.