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chicken layer cage for egg production

Layer means the hens reared to provide eggs. Layer hens usually begin to lay eggs about one hundred days after birth if raised in cages, which is a month faster than the free-range layer hens.

Battery Layer cage is designed to produce eggs that helps poultry farmer to raise hens and collect eggs. 


Generally speaking, egg is the main source of income for raising layer hens. Layer farming is a profitable industry over the whole world because  of the enormous demand for eggs.

layer cages for sale

Chicken layer cage has developed a fully automated system including feeding, watering, manure cleaning, and egg collecting that helps to reduce the labor intensity of workers and save labor costs. In certain procedures, what you need is just a man who controls the power switch. To some extent, egg layer raising is becoming a popular industry with high returns and low risks gradually.

In layer chicken farming field, A type layer cage and H type layer cage is the most universal chicken layer cage because of their advanced design and their intensive production pattern that bring maximum profit to the investors.

FAMTECH International Co., Ltd. supplies battery layer cages for a long time with a great experience. We provide both A type layer cage and H type layer cage  to meet different needs. Besides, our chicken layer cages are accessible in a distinct shape, size, and capability, like a pyramid cage that looks like a prism. Our battery cage for layers is easy to install and maintain and friendly to fresh farmers.

Specification of battery cage for layers

cell size390*380*380(mm)390*380*380(mm)
set size1950*2300*1500(mm)1950*2650*1700(mm)
production2700 eggs/month4800 eggs/month
 H type
cell size450*600*410(mm)450*600*410(mm)
set size1835*2200*2600(mm)1835*2200*3250(mm)
production4320 eggs/month5760 eggs/month

Advantage of battery cage for layers

Efficient chicken layer cage for commercial farming

Farming chicken in cages is a new tendency in this field because of its small floor space and high land utilization that is three times higher than free-range farming,  which has increased the stocking density to more than 60 per square and is beneficial to large-scale and intensive breeding.

Automatic equipment for chicken layer cage

1. The automatic feeding and watering system set can help to increase the chicken’s growth quality scientifically by controlling the feeding quantity and time. With a lock of push-pull type door is convenient to open, can not let the chicken out and it won’t make the food outside of the feed trough while feeding. The feed trough applies the galvanized sheet that has high-temperature resistance.

2. For collecting eggs more efficiently than before, our chicken layer cage employs an inclined bottom that helps eggs to roll into the collecting groove naturally under the influence of gravity. The groove linked to the egg collector machine is a primary step to realize automated egg collecting. This design relieves the farmer’s pressure of daily necessary work. At the same time, the professional egg collector can clean, dry, examine, sterilize, filter, weigh and even pack the eggs while conveying.

3. There is a manure cleaning conveyor belt and scraper under every tier that ensures the chicken layer cage keep clean and tidy to prevent the chicken from illness.
egg collector--

Hot-dip galvanized battery cage for layers

1. Our battery cage for layers applies the hot-dip galvanized(shortly called HDG) material that ensures about 20 years of service life. HDG is a kind of galvanization technology that protects the material from corrosion and oxidation when exposed to the air, which reduces the waste of materials. On the other hand, this special material is efficient in keeping the poultry’s feet healthy to avoid many diseases.

2. In addition, The Q235 steel we applied is a kind of steel with great elasticity. The chicken layer cage made of Q235 ensures the cage gives enough elasticity and smoothness to the layer birds, which can keep the chicken away from feet infection and decrease the breakage rate of eggs.


Chicken layer cages with patented technology

We have many patents in technology and management and provide related equipment about automatic egg layer farming you need, such as poultry feeding system, automatic chicken drinker, disinfection equipment, poultry lighting and ventilation system to control temperature, and fully manure cleaning machine, which can build a healthy and comfortable environment for living and laying to ensure the quality of the egg.


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