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Broiler battery cages for intensive & efficient chicken meat production

The broiler is reared for meat production and usually needs to grow about 45 days before being sold. Broiler raising is a relatively shorter period than layer. A batch of one-day-old broiler chicks are put into cages and raised to 42-47 days old, and then they are ready for sale. Meat is the main source of income for raising broilers. Aiming for meat production, weight gain of the broilers is the main task for the broiler cage.

hot-Sale broiler cages Suitable for large-scale breeding

A broiler cage can meet most of the demand while raising broilers. From one-day-old baby chick to be sold, it is unnecessary to change cages for broilers to reduce the chicken’s adverse reactions while adapting to the new environment, which also avoids the trouble of catching the chicken. This farming method( “all in, all out” ) is an experienced way to raise broilers born at the same time and is suitable for large-scale framing to control the broilers’ growth condition.



Specification of our broiler battery cage

For example, the length of a group of H-type broiler cages is about 1.25 meters, the layer spacing is about 610mm, and the number of layers is 2-8. The inside of the broiler battery cage is passable. There is a feed trough on either side to realize automatic feeding. There is a feed gate on one side and a normal door on the other side, both of which apply the spring push-pull. There is a shared watering line per layer and are three nipple waterers for every door.

H type single side broiler battery cage specification(2-2.5kg chicken)
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automatic battery broiler cage benefits

Various Types of Broiler Battery Cages to Choose From

A single-side H-type broiler cage is accessible. We are not only the best choice for small and medium-scale farming but also for large-scale farming.

A single-side H-type broiler cage makes small-scale poultry farming possible. Single side battery broiler cage is our patented design. This simple design is suitable for small-scale farming of fewer than 30,000 broilers, which can balance the breeding density and ventilation. In addition, this new design is only for raising broilers, which can feed the chicken on one side and let the chicken out on the other side. Two adjacent columns can share one feeding machine, reducing the cost dramatically.


Automatic broiler cages with complete feeding system

We provide a fully automatic battery broiler cage for you that is convenient to manage your poultry farm. Our broiler cage applies 4 invention patents, 21 utility model patents, and 5 appearance design patents.

Nipple waterer—— There is a shared watering line per layer and are three nipple waterers for every door. In addition, we provide the matching machine including an automatic lifting feed car and feed tower.

watering nipple..

quality broiler battery cage made of hot-dip galvanized material

For producing high-quality meat, we provide a plastic mat over the bottom. Besides, our broiler battery cage applies advanced material of high elasticity in the bottom of the cage to overcome the inflammation and chest cyst brought by the hard mesh and also applies the hot-dip galvanized material that has longer service life than other materials.

Our machine applies extrusion shaping and laser cutting that ensure our broiler battery cage has high quality and long service life.


Economic choice if you want to begin your broiler farming business

The demand for chicken meat is bigger and bigger than before that even over pork and beef. Comparatively, broiler raising is a new tendency because it is an accessible industry that is easy to start. And our battery broiler cage is your best choice to start your farm.


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