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Poultry house ventilation & humidity control system

About poultry farms’ ventilation system

Generally speaking, the temperature and humidity in the chicken house should be as close to natural conditions as possible to provide a more suitable environment for the growth of chickens. In closed or semi-closed poultry farms, effective temperature and humidity regulation systems are even more critical.

Besides chicken farm light, FamTECH provides some cooling equipment like ventilation fans and cooling pads. These efficient and practical exhaust fans and wet curtains can better simulate the natural environment and speed up air circulation. Of course, natural ventilation is also an option, but for areas with high temperatures or large temperature differences, more controllable cooling equipment is necessary.

Why chose FamTECH?

FamTECH supports customization, providing different sizes and types of cooling pads for poultry farms for farms of different sizes and different needs. With rich experience, FamTECH can provide targeted solutions to match your existing equipment. Effective ventilation and temperature control equipment make year-round breeding possible, which greatly reduces breeding costs.

Why chose FamTECH cooling equipment?


poultry house ventilation fans

Proper ventilation can keep the oxygen concentration in the chicken house at a reasonable range, which is important for the healthy growth and survival rate of the birds.

FamTECH T provides chicken house fans with intelligent control of airspeed and timing, which can keep the temperature of the chicken house at a stable level for a long time and greatly reduce the stress response of the flock.

Our equipment enables full air circulation. Suitable temperature and ventilation can help air permeability, replenish indoor oxygen, reduce humidity, discharge indoor ammonia, carbon dioxide, dust, viruses, and bacteria, and effectively prevent the occurrence of the chronic respiratory tract in chicks.

Our negative pressure chicken house fans are made of galvanized material, with air volume up to 56000m³/h. We offer different diameters, thicknesses, and numbers of fan blades to meet your different air circulation needs.

cooling pads for poultry farms

Equipped with ventilation fans, our cooling pads for poultry farms are electricity-saving and efficient. The use of two sets of equipment together not only has a good overall cooling effect but also has uniform wind speed and small fluctuation.

FamTECH offers high water absorption, corrosion, and mildew-resistant cooling pad for poultry farms with a variety of inlet and outlet options.

Our wet curtains are thickened and durable, with high-density water curtain paper and stainless steel outer frame.

How to maintain normal ventilation & humidity on the chicken farm?

maintain proper wind speed

To make the temperature in the chicken house stable and appropriate, temperature control equipment is necessary, at the same time, we also need to operate a stable ventilation system. Air circulation can not only regulate the temperature but also make the air quality in the chicken coop higher and more in line with the growing needs of chickens.

The use of cooling pads

If the chicken house fans operate but the temperature inside the chicken farm still can not drop, you can use the wet pads, using the wind to blow the wind with humidity to the inside of the chicken farm, to achieve the effect of cooling ventilation. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the best time to activate the wet pads.

kept separately

Chickens tend to aggregate, which further results in reduced ventilation. Therefore, separate feeding can effectively prevent flocks from gathering.

ventilation fans
poultry house ventilation fans