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About pigeon cage

A pigeon cage is designed for raising pigeons including meat pigeons, breeding pigeons, and egg pigeons. Compared with other poultry, the pigeon is more active and needs more moving space because it can fly. In this way, there are more demands on pigeon cages’ dimensions and design. Famtech provides advanced pigeon cages for pigeon farmers. In general, the market prospects of the egg and meat pigeon are still positive. Nowadays, the meat and eggs of pigeons are more and more popular in the market because of their high nutritional value and low calorie. There is no doubt that an automatic pigeon cage is a wise choice for scaled pigeon farming.


Pigeon cage for sale

Made of hot-dip galvanized material, the pigeon cage we provide has a longer service life. Considering the feature of pigeons, the stocking density of pigeons should not be too large. In addition, pigeons are generally raised in pairs and they can jointly complete the breeding and brooding work.

Famtech is a professional poultry equipment supplier. For the growth habits of pigeons, we provide advanced pigeon cages with excellent design and simple structure.


Structure & Composition

Generally, the size of the pigeon cage is fixed for the pair raising. A set of 4-tiers pigeon cages has 16 single cages, whose size is 200*55*181. Compared with free-range pigeon farming, caged farming is more efficient and easier to manage. Especially, there is a nest stand in the pigeon cage, which can cater to pigeons’ needs for flying.

The mesh is smooth and the bottom mesh is encrypted to prevent the pigeon’s foot injury and infection, and fatigue syndrome and the mesh is galvanized, which increases the service life by 6-7 times. Moreover, vertical feeding is easy to manage, saves space, effectively prevents infectious diseases, and improves the survival rate of pigeons.

Advantages of our pigeon cage

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Advantages of pigeon farming

Meat pigeons mature early, reproduce quickly, and grow rapidly. Pigeons can be paired for breeding at 5 to 6 months of age. Each pair of breeding pigeons can produce 8 to 12 pairs of pigeons per year, and the pigeons can be sold after only 25 to 30 days of feeding, and their weight can reach 500 to 750 grams. Meat pigeons have a short breeding cycle, fast turnover, low investment, and quick economic results. The house and equipment required for raising meat pigeons are simple, the scale can be large or small, and the feed consumption is low. The maximum daily grain consumption per pair of pigeons does not exceed 100 grams, mainly corn and other raw grains without processing that have the advantage of being low price and easy to get. Meat pigeons have good adaptability, less disease, simple feeding and management techniques, high breeding income and stable income, and low risk.

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